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Conectar pc a smart tv por wifi windows 10

mayo 16, 2022

Conectar pc a smart tv por wifi windows 10 del momento

connect pc to samsung smart tv by wifi windows 10

If you opt to use cable, which is probably the best option for the picture and sound quality it is going to offer you, then you have a very clear solution. The HDMI connector can accomplish what you are looking for, and most computers are competitive with this type of cable. However, if your computer does not have HDMI image output, you can also use this same cable by converting the connection to VGA or DVI with an adapter. In the case of DisplayPort on Macs, there are also adapters to continue using an HDMI cable.

what is miracast

To connect the pc to the tv by cable you only need to find the cable/adapter that fits both your pc and your TV, there are many possible combinations since there are different standards such as HDMI, VGA, DVI and Euroconnector among others.

So that you can find the cable to connect the pc to tv we have prepared a table for you, you only must find out which is the connection that has your pc and the one that has your tv, then you go to the table and you will find the cable or adapter that you need to buy.

A lot of attention to when you use a VGA cable to connect the pc to the tv, since this cable only transmits the video but not the audio, you need to buy an additional audio cable, that you must also connect to your pc and your tv.

Most often your pc has a headphone audio output, the so called 3.5 jack connection, while TVs usually have an RCA type audio input (which is divided into two inputs). So you usually have to buy a jack to RCA cable to connect the audio from your pc to the tv.

my pc does not detect my tv

The same has happened to a lesser extent with computers thanks to Windows 10. This has facilitated communication over the Internet thanks to its modern and intuitive interface. With so much potential between the two devices, wouldn’t there be a way to connect our PC to the TV without breaking our heads?

Connecting your Windows 10 PC to any Samsung Smart TV through your WiFi line is really simple. At first glance this may seem complicated, but thanks to this tutorial you will learn how to do it in just a few minutes.

The easiest method to connect your PC to your Samsung Smart TV is by using Miracast. This Windows 10 functionality allows us to share the screen of our PC through the WiFi network in just a few clicks.

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