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Portal seiem edo mex

diciembre 28, 2021
Portal seiem edo mex

Seiem toluca

One of the purposes of SEIEM, Servicios Educativos Integrados al Estado de México, is to provide knowledge to students, but also to provide them with information and tools to develop skills.

At the same time, another of its purposes is to provide services to teachers, since this sector, in many occasions, does not have the support they need. This organism creates programs for the growth of education, since this is the only way to aspire to improve the conditions of all those involved in the education sector, including students.

You choose whether to view it directly on the Internet, or download it and then print it. The best thing to do is to download it and keep the file in your documents. Just make sure that everything on your voucher is correct, if not, take the necessary measures.

Fortunately, you do have another option to check your payment vouchers, of course this is the most direct way to do it; however, you can also make your query within the My Fone portal.

Seiem private schools

Among Seiem’s list of priorities is to make available to all students relevant and pertinent information on social sciences, natural sciences, humanistic sciences, technologies and more. However, the efforts of this institution are not only focused on students, but a large part of its services are directed to teachers.

In order to facilitate the administrative procedures related to the teachers’ payroll, Seiem has created a digital platform through which it is possible to execute a series of consultations and procedures from anywhere, since it is only necessary to have a device with internet access. If you are interested in learning more about Mi Portal Fone Seiem, you have come to the right place, because below you will find all the details you need to make the most of this service.

As mentioned above, the Integrated Educational Services of the State of Mexico has specialized in joining efforts to provide efficient and timely information to students and teachers who need it. This objective goes hand in hand with current technologies, providing timely administrative support services digitally. Thus, from the comfort of your home or office, any day and at any time it is possible to make various types of inquiries.

Fone seiem

With this objective in mind, the Seiem has created a digital platform for teachers to carry out their consultations and procedures from any device with an internet connection. From this platform, popularly known as Mi Portal Fone Seiem, you will be able to download your payment receipts.

If you prefer to keep the email already registered, enter your RFC and click Send email. On the other hand, if you wish to receive the recovery email to a new email address, fill in the fields in box 2 and click Send email.


It can be seen how its main objective is focused on providing knowledge and skills to students, however, it has been seen how this organization directs part of its services to teachers, who do not receive the attention they truly deserve and much less perceive the necessary benefits.

That is why it was decided to create an online portal that allows to perform a series of procedures, such as; to make the consultation in relation to the payment vouchers and also to download them at any time they are needed.

My seiem portal is the result of a joint effort between the different administrative units of the Agency, who are responsible for the information that is published, in the topics that concern them.

This portal, as well as the fone seiem portal, is the right option for teachers to carry out those procedures related to their pay stubs among other documents. However, to enjoy this, it is necessary to enter this portal and of course, create your respective account, about which we will guide you below.

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