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Paquetes telcel sl 50

diciembre 24, 2021
Paquetes telcel sl 50

Telcel recharge

Activate your Amigo Unlimited Packages that now give you more Megas!     With No Border benefits so you don’t stop calling, messaging and surfing in Mexico, United States and Canada.        Buy with your balance or credit/debit card, either per event or on a recurring basis.

With your Amigo Balance or with a card from Mi Telcel… We accept Visa, MasterCard credit and debit cards. Contact your bank to authorize online purchases. You can save the data of up to 3 cards with which you have made successful transactions.

WhatsApp (applies when in Mexico, United States and Canada). The use of the official mobile application that WhatsApp, Inc. (WhatsApp) has released under its own brand, will be at no additional cost as long as the following functionalities are used:

When the user accesses through the WhatsApp application to any of the functionalities listed below, the data consumption generated will be debited from the data included for free navigation, from the additional package contracted or on demand per additional Megabyte (MB):

At&t mexico

Among the advantages of these ‘Telcel Max Sin Límite’ plans we find unlimited social networks with no browsing cap, plus they can be used in Mexico, United States and Canada; we have a good amount of data that can also be used in any of the three countries without international roaming charges; plus now the minutes and messages are unlimited, which can also be used under the benefit ‘Sin Frontera’, that is, both incoming and outgoing calls can be to and from the United States, Canada and Mexico, with no time limit and no additional charges.

For some time now we have seen how Telcel focuses most of its efforts on rental plans, leaving aside or with very few updates to its Amigo services, but now, apparently we are facing one of the best Amigo offers that Telcel has launched in its history, because of course, there are already more options in the market and the user has a lot to choose from.

The new package offer ‘Amigo Sin Límite’ offers unlimited social networks with unlimited browsing, unlimited WhatsApp, as well as unlimited minutes and messages for an affordable price that we can control. The difference here is that all these benefits are only for use in Mexico, not internationally.

Telcel sim card

If you do not activate an unlimited plan or an unlimited package for your Amigo cell phone and you continue to recharge, your usage will be charged at Amigo On Demand rates. To activate a No Limit package you must have sufficient credit and your Telcel chip must be active as well.

To activate a Telcel Amigo Unlimited package you can do so by visiting any of Telcel’s Customer Service Centers to select an Amigo Unlimited package that suits your communication needs.


Get to know the New Panasonic KX-HTS32 Legacy IP Hybrid Compact System with SIP Extension and integrated SIP Lines starts with 4 CO Lines and 8 Extensions, with a maximum growth up to 8 Phone Lines 24 Analog or SIP Extensions.

Applies to new users, ported to Telcel, and current users in Amigo de Telcel mode (prepaid) that during the term of the promotion have the Amigo No Limit Charge Scheme.

The MB granted by promotion will keep the same characteristics of the MB included in the recharge made and its validity will be adjusted to that of the recharge made. At the end of the recharge period, the MB that have not been used will be lost.

NEW TOUCH DEVICE: Call Recorder, Meeting Recorder, Voicemail, Detailed Call Logging all in one device, SiGraba Smart Touch, for more information follow here…

Available now Telcel Cellular Location in Real Time direct to the SIM No need for GPS, works on any Simple Cell Phone, Smartphone, Android, iPhone, iOS, No Expensive and Complex Programs.

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