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Modem telcel internet en casa

diciembre 25, 2021
Modem telcel internet en casa

Internet at home without a contract mexico

The Telcel modem must always remain in the address where it was activated, otherwise the Telcel home Internet service will be suspended and we will have to call the customer service center to reactivate it.

However, Telcel does foresee some cases in which the modem can be moved, such as a change of address. To do so, you must request it in advance and pay a $100 change fee.

To contract Telcel’s Internet and modem, you only have to contact Telcel’s customer service department and verify that you have coverage in your home, follow the steps indicated by the executive and have a credit or debit card at hand.

Unlimited mobile internet

Get to know the new Telcel home Internet service that is also wireless. We show you all the information about Telcel’s home Internet plans, prices and how to sign up for Telcel’s home Internet.

Telcel home Internet works thanks to the best technologies and with the help of Telcel’s 3G and 4G networks. And it is now available in most regions of the country thanks to Telcel coverage.

Each Telcel home Internet plan offers an unlimited Telcel Internet data package that you can use with the contracted speed, once you exceed those megas your browsing speed will decrease to 0.5 Mbps.

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Internet en Casa de Telcel is an excellent and flexible option for those who want to use it as a work tool at home, carrying out regular tasks such as checking emails and surfing the web.

Before we begin it is important to emphasize that this service is not a replacement for Wi-Fi networks as we know them since the amount of browsing is limited (according to a fair use policy).

It is recommended to see it as a flexible option for those looking to carry out tasks of not very high consumption, such as viewing emails and browsing online and not for daily streaming services or video games.

The service has a limited radius of use, i.e. it is not possible to move it to any location other than the address where it was registered, in case you want to change address you can do so but with a fee of $100 pesos.

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Internet en casa Telcel is a wireless Internet service offered by Telcel. Unlike cellular phone service, it allows you to have Internet at home by connecting to the 4G and 4.5G network through a wireless modem.

Telcel Internet at home slow If you have noticed that your Telcel Internet is slow it may be that you have exceeded the Gigas capacity of your package, this means that you will be able to continue browsing, but at a reduced speed of 128 kbps. You will be able to recover your speed when your package is renewed or by purchasing a «Más Datos para tu casa» package that includes 25 GB for $100 pesos.

Internet + voice in your Telcel home includes unlimited Internet, as well as unlimited calls and messages to landlines and cell phones. Plans start at $329 pesos per month.

All Telcel Internet en casa packages have unlimited Internet, but apply a speed reduction policy when the GB of capacity is used up, and also include a free Claro video subscription.

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