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Como agregar blim a mi smart tv

diciembre 25, 2021
Como agregar blim a mi smart tv

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I would like to know is i can use this app in USA because every time i try to get my membership, it shows me an error.I wonder if this app can be used being in USA. Every time i try to sign up, it shows me an error in the app.

Hello! We are very happy to know that we have users so interested in having and using this amazing app, unfortunately in USA it is not available☹️, however we continue working hard to reach your region, soon you will be able to enjoy your favorite novels.

how to download applications to my lg smart tv

We will show you how to download Blim for Smart TV in a simple way. We are aware that Netflix is one of the most popular platforms to watch streaming content; but Blim a worthy competition, which like Netflix allows you to have a free trial for 30 days.

With the connections that are handled we can take Blim into account, since it offers more than 20 thousand hours of content. We do not have enough time to watch all the varied content that Blim offers to its users.

Telemundo has contracts with content creators and distributors Walt Disney Pictures and BBC. Among its international exclusives is James Bond, you can watch the entire franchise.

To try this service you don’t need to link a credit card, something that is complicated with Netflix. If you don’t remember to unsubscribe from Netflix, you will be charged for the membership after the second month.

We can say that Blim is presented as a good alternative for us, because of the content it offers to download on our Smart TV; so we will show you two ways so you can do it easily and without complications.

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The idea is that, once you have installed Blim on your Smart TV, you will have the possibility to access a huge variety of series and movies of all kinds, with the enormous advantage that many of them have exclusive content that other applications can not offer you. At the same time, we have to emphasize in this sense that it is a complete application, comprehensive in its functions, which will allow you to access a free trial for 30 days, so in principle there is nothing to pay for it.

Well, the first method to install Blim on Smart TV is very simple. All you have to do is go to the apps, click on the Download apps option, then in the search engine enter the name Blim, of course, and then choose the one that corresponds to the image in this article. Click on start, and the installation should take just a few minutes.  Secondly, you can install Blim on your Smart TV from the browser of your Smart TV, directly by entering this link, and then following the above steps.

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Hoy en día es común utilizar internet para ver streaming en los Smart TV, y cuando nos hacemos con uno, algunas aplicaciones de streaming vienen instaladas de fábrica, como por ejemplo Netflix.  Pero en el caso de que queramos utilizar Blim debemos descargarlo, con sencillos pasos te mostraremos cómo descargar Blim para Smart TV.

No solo eso, con algunos ajustes puedes ver e instalar Amazon Prime Video en tu Smart TV; y dependiendo de tu marca y modelo de televisor, es posible descargar Play Store para Smart TV.  En este post nos centraremos en una aplicación llamada Blim.

Te mostraremos cómo descargar Blim para Smart TV de forma sencilla.  Somos conscientes de que Netflix es una de las plataformas más populares de contenido en streaming; pero Blim una digna competencia, que al igual que Netflix te permite tener una prueba gratuita durante 30 días.

Blim TV es un servicio ofrecido por la línea de televisión, y ofrece una suscripción de vídeo bajo demanda a través de una conexión a Internet.  A cambio del pago de una suscripción mensual, ofrece programas para ser vistos sólo de manera personal.

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