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Claro video telcel max

diciembre 24, 2021
Claro video telcel max

Telcel claro

Learn how to get free Claro video as a Telcel customer, how to sign up, activate and cancel the service. In this article you will also find information on how to sign up for Claro video with Telcel in case your plan does not include it.

This Claro video with Telcel subscription includes the complete catalog with more than 500 series, movies and concerts, compatible with the following devices: Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV, Xbox console or computer.

If you are using Claro video with Telcel as a new customer, your free month will start counting from the first login to the App. If you do not cancel your subscription before the next month it will be charged automatically and the charge will be reflected in your Telcel bill.

You must cancel your Claro video subscription at least 24 hours before the expiration of the contracted period, otherwise at the beginning of the new month the service charge will be automatically charged.

Claro video app

Mandatory contract The Telcel unlimited plan has a mandatory contract term of 12, 18 or 24 months. It is important that at the moment of contracting, you confirm for how long you are obligated to have your Telcel plan active.

The Telcel 2021 Max Unlimited Mixed Plans have the amount of GB that you contract, unlimited minutes and text messages in Mexico, United States and Canada. The main feature of this plan is that if you run out of Gigas, you can recharge and continue browsing. Prices for the Max Unlimited plans start at $279 pesos per month.

The Internet en tu Casa plans are Telcel packages that provide you with a modem that gives you Internet via Wifi. All Telcel Internet en tu Casa packages include unlimited data, free Claro Video and browsing speed of 5 Mbps or 10 Mbps. The GB and browsing speed of your plan depend on the Telcel package you sign up for.

What does Telcel’s Fair Usage policy mean? The Fair Usage Policy corresponds to the amount of data you will be able to consume from your Telcel Plan with the maximum available browsing speed, within the same billing cycle. In other words, you will never run out of Internet, but you do have a certain amount of data that you can consume at maximum speed and this amount of data depends on the plan you are signing up for.

Claro games

The digital streaming platform Claro video, offers Telcel customers a variety of series, movies, concerts and much more, it includes great advantages that make it the best digital entertainment option in Mexico. In order for users of the phone company to enjoy it, they must know how to activate Claro Video Telcel.

If you are a new Telcel customer and you are enjoying the Claro Video service, then you have a free month, which runs from the first moment you access the application. If you do not wish to continue with the service the following month, then you must cancel the subscription before the end of the free month. Otherwise the company will automatically charge the service in the next invoice.

This way you can activate Claro Video Telcel for free, according to your plan. It is important to note that the activation is free, however, the payment of the service will be made automatically every month, with a cost of $115, which is reflected in the monthly bill.

Clarovideo login

Thanks to the fact that Claro and Telcel are sister companies, Claro Video services have a free version for those of you who are part of Telcel in any of their Max Sin Límite plans.

With Claro Video from Telcel you have access to 500 titles completely free that you can find in the «Basic» section that you can access from the mobile app or through your computer.

If 500 titles are not enough for you then you can subscribe to the complete Claro Video Telcel catalog to watch all the content whenever you want, wherever you want and through different devices such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, Xbox or Smart TV.

There are different ways in which you have access to the best digital entertainment from Claro Video and one by one I will mention them so you don’t miss out on enjoying the best streaming content.

Also, if you want to contract Claro Video Telcel again, you only have to register again a payment method so you can live again the best entertainment experience at home or wherever you prefer.

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