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Iphone 7 plus xataka

diciembre 23, 2021
Iphone 7 plus xataka

Iphone 8 plus

Water resistant, no 3.5 millimeter jack, no physical home button and dual camera, those are the main highlights of the iPhone 7 Plus. To see if it could be crowned the best smartphone on the market I spent a few days using it.

This table, rather than using it to compare the specs of the iPhone 7 Plus with that of other phones on the market, I want it to serve as a benchmark for what the phone’s features are.

I think anyone who has followed the world of smartphones will know that Apple does not compete in the specs race, all because they are fortunate enough to control at will the software and its optimization. Something that, for example, a Samsung, HTC, Huawei or Motorola cannot do.

In fact those differences, although it is hard to believe, make it so that we can identify it as a «new iPhone» from a distance. For example, the antennas have a new position and it is also easy to recognize its new camera, in the Plus model it is more notable for including its characteristic two sensors.

Iphone 7 plus cámara

El iPhone 7 Plus viene con dos cámaras en la parte trasera, pero actuando como una sola. Ya hemos visto cámaras duales en el LG G5 y en el Huawei P9, pero Apple no ha añadido una lente gran angular como en el G5, o una en blanco y negro como en el P9. En su lugar, el iPhone 7 Plus utiliza su segunda cámara para ofrecer zoom sin sacrificar la calidad.

Por supuesto, puedes hacer zoom digital mientras tomas una foto en cualquier teléfono. El zoom digital esencialmente recorta la misma imagen que tomarías normalmente para acercar un área a ti. Es como pellizcar en una foto de la galería: sí, lo que estás intentando ver se hace más grande, pero no se hace más claro. A menos que estés en CSI.

El iPhone 7 Plus es diferente. Al cambiar el objetivo gran angular de 28 mm por el teleobjetivo de 56 mm, acerca las cosas el doble manteniendo el detalle alto, como si usara el zoom óptico. Hasta ahora los únicos teléfonos disponibles con zoom óptico han sido la gama Samsung Galaxy Zoom y Asus ZenPhone Zoom. Ninguno de los dos ha arrasado, principalmente porque eran gruesos e incómodos. El 7 Plus no lo es.

Iphone 7 plus features

No one will be surprised at this point to learn that this iPhone does not have a headphone jack. Cables are becoming a thing of the past, and it’s a war that Apple has been fighting since Steve Jobs introduced the first iBook with an Airport wireless card back in 1999. Communication between devices without cables is undoubtedly a brave indicator: it also consists of leaving behind certain forms of use with which we are accustomed to coexist, and certainly one of the most familiar to everyone – practically since all our lives – are the headphones.

In the box of the iPhone 7 Plus – in the iPhone 7 as well – we will find the familiar EarPods headphones, but this time with Lighting connection. The operation and sound is identical to the traditional ones. The new iPhone also includes an adapter to connect to the Lightning port headphones with the 3.5mm jack connector, including its own digital-to-analog converter (DAC) than the EarPods themselves. With it, we will be able to use any headphones with this type of connector, also working the remote controls and the microphone in case they have them.

Iphone 7 price

The other novelty is found at the bottom. There appears a second speaker that gives us stereo sound and improved, another of the weakest points of the current iPhone 6s Plus, and occupies the place that until now occupied the headphone port. Yes, Apple has finally decided that the 3.5 mm port is history and its terminals are mainly used via Bluetooth or directly connected to the Lighting port.

The new iPhone 7 Plus joins the group of terminals that have already experimented with this solution. In Apple’s case, the dual sensor will be used to zoom in two magnifications without loss of quality, of the optical type by using the two lenses to achieve it. There is also the possibility of achieving a 10X zoom but already at the software level.

The two sensors will be of the same resolution, 12 MP, with an aperture of f1.8 for the wide-angle sensor and f2.8 for the telephoto lens. The other specifications associated with a smartphone camera have been upgraded: optical stabilization, Apple’s own new ISP, a six-element lens and a new flash with four LEDs for 50% more brightness.

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