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Google pixel 2 xataka

diciembre 24, 2021
Google pixel 2 xataka

google pixel 2 specs and price philippines

In 2017 were highly anticipated successors of those first Pixel and they are already here. In Xataka we have been able to test the largest and most complete of all, the Pixel 2 XL, a terminal with a price of 959 euros (now with a gift case) and tremendously ambitious in its technical specifications.

The touch of personality that we like to see in every terminal is quite forceful in this Pixel 2 XL. The upper third of the phone is finished in glass, this one, yes, shiny and located just above the fingerprint reader. The model we got to test is black, and the separation between these areas is reduced to the materials: glossy glass and matte metal. In the white model, the glass remains black and the dual tone makes it even more personal.

Not so logical seems to me the placement of the power button, which happens to be located above the volume, on the right side, but which we can not reach naturally with the finger, having to slide up if we are holding the Pixel 2 XL with one hand.

google pixel 2 xl price

Thus, the leap in rear cameras is maintained with a simple sensor upgrade but with almost twin features. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL repeat with their 12.2 megapixels, with 27-millimeter lenses and f/1.8 aperture, optically stabilized, and their sensors are Dual Pixel and have 1.4-micrometer pixels. That means we will have 4K video with slow motion, and the rest of the functions will come from the software section of the phone.

But on the front the thing gets complicated, and doubles. From 8 megapixels in the Pixel 2 we have gone to 8 and 8 megapixels in the Pixel 3. Two eyes on screen in the Pixel 3, and inside it in the Pixel 3 XL because of its notch. Two eight-megapixel sensors with f/2.2 lenses and 27-millimeter aperture, with 1.4-micron pixels and a big difference, that here we are not talking about Dual Pixel. That yes, there will be front blur, we will have bokeh for selfies. And FullHD video, of course.

We will also have gestures to navigate the phone, being able to make transitions between applications by sliding your finger on the screen. The so-called Slices, or portions of extra information that the system extracts from the applications themselves to be able to launch them from the system’s own browser, will also be released. Of course, advances in battery management will not be absent, with intelligent brightness that should reduce consumption both in the foreground and background.

google pixel 2 price

The AMOLED panel and resolutions will also be maintained in both models but the screen format of the Pixel 2 XL becomes 18:9 instead of the traditional 16:9 that remain on the Pixel 2. Of course, we will also see the logical evolution of the screen coating that is now protected by Gorilla Glass 5.

But while operators are preparing for the new reality that will come with eSIMs, the new Pixel 2 will also have a slot to insert a traditional nanoSIM that will allow us to connect from the first moment.

As for the heart of the smartphone, we find the expected evolution: Snapdragon 821 gives way to Snapdragon 835, the RAM remains at 4 GB which is enough to run smoothly a pure Android Oreo and the internal memory where the minimum goes from 32 to 64 GB, a key point when it is not allowed to expand memory via microSD cards.

google pixel 2 xl review

They are comfortable (somewhat more ergonomic the Pixel 2 by dimensions), lightweight (also more the Pixel 2) and the aluminum has a finish that makes us confuse it with plastic, but for good. When gripping any of the terminals we feel robustness, reliability, tranquility. Nothing to be suffering in case we fall, partly because they have achieved a non-slip finish.

This means that we have seen no noticeable differences in terms of user experience. The fluidity prevails in both terminals, with fast transitions and correct display of multitasking or opening the camera app (from locked or active screen). There is not the slightest hint of lag, although we have yet to perform tests with more time and availability (benchmarks, multimedia for longer, video games, etc.).

In any case, the answer will depend on the database and what we ask. It has attended us when we asked it what song was playing or when we asked it to take a selfie, but perhaps squeezing it to call it is not such a good idea because we have done it on several occasions accidentally when we grabbed the phone (without intending to press).

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